Why do Londoners love Uber so much?

It was announced earlier this week that Uber’s license would not be renewed when it expires on September 20th – due to conduct which was not “fit and proper”.

Uber claims to have 40,000 drivers with 3.5 million people using the service.

So, it’s no surprise that already 500,000 people have signed a petition to keep Uber.

But why is it that Londoners feel so strongly about Uber?

The aux cord

Uber gives a bit of personalisation to the journeys. You are the DJ. You do not have to endure conversations of “so how long have you been an Uber driver” and acting like you actually care. You can be off on your way listening to Natasha Bedingfield getting yourself right in the mood.

The tracking

In a digital era we are impatient, so being able to physically see the driver on route with an estimated time arrival, puts us at ease. And of course it can speed up the getting ready process, you’ll know how fast you need to blend your new face structure when you can see they’re just round the corner.

The pace and the price

It’s quick and easy, it’s the ready meal of taxis. Who can honestly be arsed to call numerous black cabs and keep saying “no sorry I can’t pay £70 for you to take me down the road, haven’t sold any organs recently”.

The drivers

Some of these people have top chat. They can provide therapy, listen to whatever bullshit comes into your head or you can simply ask them “how long you working tonight”, if you must.

On a personal level, last night in my Uber ride, when asking how the driver felt he seems to still believe that Uber will be around for another two years, despite the news. He didn’t appear to be scared of losing his job one little bit. Although other drivers seem to be financially concerned…


You can get home even cheaper this way and make a mate along the way. Or they might be an absolute weirdo but it’s all part of the experience.


This one is debatable. The ability to see an image, number plate and being able to track your Uber driver does make you feel safer, as these details can be sent to friends ASAP. Can all black cabs start tracking too? It’s definitely a worry.


Reports of sexual abuse and drivers with false records have been named as the scandals to take down the app; which quite frankly is fair.

Yes, Uber is great, sometimes, but realistically we need an Uber service that is just as safe as it is up and running.

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