Rihanna branded as a ‘liar’ to disguise idiots of the world

Barbadian singer, songwriter and actress has now also been named a liar – by the likes of thousands of prepubescent boys and jealous women.

But the real story here, is the people deceiving themselves, not Rihanna.

Because if Rihanna is a liar, so are you…

No one naturally has that slumber filter tan or that airbrushed Valencia look

Everyone filters their pictures because it looks nice and gives them a confidence boost.

I don’t think anyone is in a particular state of shock when people aren’t walking around town with blurred edges, white boxes and a glowy tone to their faces.

Is it the 100% real them? Nope. Does it really matter? Nope, as long as you’re wise enough not to expect it in real life.

  instagram fail unbreakable kimmy schmidt kimmy schmidt GIF
Via: Giphy.com

A roll here and there is to be expected

It’s forever fascinating  that the skinny-thick girl body is ever considered achievable by the masses.

People are craving a massive bum and boobs yet tears are flowing and children are screaming when the same kind of fat is applied in the stomach area.

Even superstar Rihanna is seen to be showing a normal body you’ll see on the beach.

But just because the world has witnessed her candid vs her plandid shot, this doesn’t give everyone the right to bitch.

The internet should take it as an opportunity to realise that even the rich and famous don’t have Sim-selected bodies.

The more accepting we are of our bodies and the more we stop being rude about other people’s bodies, the easier it gets.

The Sims summer pool sims the sims GIF
Via: Giphy.com

Angles are a thing and they are worked everyday

“Can you just make sure you get my arm fat in shot Becky? Get the side where I look questionably pregnant please and do not forget to get in my side rolls, the fans will love it.”

“James mate, can you make sure I am not tensing when the picture is taken? Get my beer belly right in focus. And be sure to capture how short I am, cheers.”

– Conversations that no one has ever had ever when their best friend is taking a picture of them.

We all pose and angle our bodies in a way to make us look better, everyone does it, why would you choose to look shit?

If we did then people would actually use the ‘take a picture now’ setting for Facebook profile pictures.

But no, we are all Tyra Banks selecting our best photo out of 5000 different images.

 americas next top model the cw tyra banks GIF
Via: Giphy.com

People only post their best pictures

Something worth remembering when you’re stalking your ex’s new girlfriend/boyfriend…

You can’t put pressure on yourself to look like people’s pictures, because they don’t really look like that all the time either.

Even Rihanna will post the picture where she feels she looks classically better in, it’s not a lie it’s just a normality.

NBC nbc looking good nbc 90th special nbc 90 GIF
Via: Giphy.com

Commenting vile things won’t make you anymore attractive

Despite controversy, these images are healthy for everyone to see. But what’s not healthy to see, is a completely normal picture of a person being bashed on the internet when that’s the reality for most.

No one will ever look completely Instagram-ready-heavenly-idealistic 100% of the time and if you think that they do, you are quite simply stupid.

All we are witnessing here is a standard case of ‘tagged in photo’ Vs ‘profile picture’ – both are you, but one is a more favourable you.

The bottom line is, Rihanna is not a liar, you are an idiot.


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