London Pride: ten reasons you shouldn’t have gone

This year’s London pride was a pure celebration of being who you are. The theme was ‘love happens here’ and anyone in attendance realised that this wasn’t just a theme, it was a feeling.

But of course, if you didn’t go at least you won’t be left feeling the following…

1. You know you’ll never see signs so simple yet so beautiful again

Signs filled the streets including: “protect our gay children”, “the only choice I made was to be myself, love is love”and the Hackney bin-collectors declared that we do not “trash love” – a pun worth remembering.

Dennis got straight to the point – Photo Credit: @rrosie13

2. You’ll be forever wanting street parties to become a regular occurrence

The streets were plastered with vibrant colours, souls and music with the volume turned up so high that you were able to be just as loud as you were proud.

The LGBTQ+ community know how to party and KU Soho knows how to host

3. You no longer have an excuse until next year to sit on things you shouldn’t

People everywhere felt free and alive. I guess sometimes you even want to let the traffic lights know and put a rainbow over the underground.

4. You may never be so lucky to see so many loving dogs

Everyone loves a cute dog but one better than that is a #woke socially accepting dog.

The best possible mascots for the event

5. Despite spending several years at youth club, you’ll realise you’re actually quite shit at arts & crafts compared to Club Kids

Their creativity is one of a kind and the Club Kids certainly did not shy away from this years pride.

Left to right: @princejasonjason, @matty_parks & @santistorm – they are literal moving art and pride was their exhibition
Matt Parker (middle): “Being in the parade as a Club Kid for the first time was the most liberating thing. At the end of the parade, I wanted to burst into tears from sheer happiness. Just walking down the street and interacting with people feeling so empowered and proud to be the way I am making people smile and get excited – I have no words for how incredible that made me feel. It was the most accepting thing, it made me forget that any form of negativity even exists being in that parade.”

6. But you’ll still be cleaning glitter out of your ear holes for the next twelve months

In 2017 it’s really difficult to show love and celebrate without a little – a big – sprinkling of glitter, so we put it EVERYWHERE.

Release your inner fairy 

7. You’ll spend your days wishing that everyday was a Pride day

The atmosphere was absolutely incredible, there was not a self conscious soul in sight. Diversity was celebrated to the point that some even benefited financially…


8. And that London could look this vibrant everyday

Not only were the people of London colourful, but so were many companies including Starbucks, H&M and Apple – amongst many others.

9. Your heart will suffer from permanent melting and your ears may be slightly damaged

Viewing the overwhelming amount of support from such a range of ages, religions, occupations and races was enough to make anyone recognise that this is the society we should be striving towards. The sound of the screams, cheers and whistles was a vocal representation that we are all here, together and happy.

10. You may face intense moments of shock after realising the world is actually kind of a nice place

You will question so much of what you’ve heard and wonder why these people don’t get as much media coverage. Apparently love doesn’t sell, but it ought to. These wonderful people exist and it’s time people knew about them.

Pride 2017 was the place for everyone to go, be free, be happy, accept and feel accepted. The movement towards equality and an acceptance of diversity feels stronger than ever. Love is love, let’s make love happen everywhere.

Let’s fight for a world where everyone is welcome everywhere

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