The Lookbook of the lazy

If you want outfit inspiration then look past Fashion Week and focus on your next door neighbours taking the bins out, they are the true Prada Princesses. The appearance of the average human is the most underrated, yet it’s so easy to achieve, here are the looks that are too powerful for the runway:

The everything-is-in-the-wash-so-this-happened

Lazy yet lovely

This look is all about not even thinking, if it feels comfortable and is just an arm reach away, it works. The only thing required for this outfit is a quick sniff-test, if it smells okay, then it looks okay too. Perfect for when you just cannot be arsed.

The less-is-more

Less shoes, less problems

It’s a myth that fashion is all about the latest trends, being fashionable is about being original and steering away from the mainstream looks. In order to be as fashionable as possible, have a look what everyone is doing and do it completely differently. Everybody wears two shoes, you wear one, that’s hipster.

The I’m-praying-that-I-don’t-bump-into-anyone

Yellow is so hard to pull off but no one says you actually have to

There’s an outfit for every activity, Vogue and Cosmo will have you covered on what to wear to all the Summer weddings, but what about the perfect outfit for going to the corner shop? The look needed to run and get a bottle of milk is an absolute industry secret. But it’s so simple, just wear the clothes you rush towards when you’re feeling sad. And to really pull off the I’m-praying-that-I-don’t-bump-into-anyone, the volume of material is key, you don’t want anyone to be aware that you have an actual body under the baggy material, mystery is sexy.

The Hazard

A dangerous look 

Fashion inspiration can be found just about anywhere, even on wet floor surfaces. It’s important to open your mind and take advantage of all opportunities that the fashion-Gods supply to us. A look that says hazard doesn’t only keep you safe but it warns others of your beauty too.

The PLAAAYAA-protection

“It’s just casual”

It’s a modern day issue for players everywhere to be tagged in a photo with a girl. Of course it was casual but you don’t let them know that and you certainly don’t want the others finding out. It’s an effortless look for all lazy guys out there. Not only can you seem like the comical #lad with this look but it offers the utmost protection for the 500 potentials in your Whatsapps. Just wear a mask, cover the whole face, protect your lad-hood.

The accidental-sleepover

Save money on an Uber by only making one stop and trade with your dignity in the morning. Some call it the dress code for the “walk of shame”, the outfit that says you borrowed some clothes and you didn’t share the same shoe size as their sister. But no, you’re wrong. This is the new smart casual. This outfit offers a light airy feel with added height, perfect for any occasion and gets people talking for a variety of reasons.

The portable-pillow

“Hairdressers hate me” – Brenda Zini

It’s not only your clothes that completes an outfit but it’s your whole appearance. If you’re blessed with curls then brush the fuck out of it and you’ve got yourself a pillow too. All the other girls with straight glossy hair think they’ve got it going on but you’ll be the one safe from any attack to the head.

The affordable-rain-mac

Trashy is the new classy people

It’s difficult to stay on top of the latest trends and your bank balance doesn’t always support your shopping basket, so it’s important to remain creative. The bin-bag is an upcoming trend that is not only slimming for its jet black colour but also offers protection from the rain. This outfit can be stored away in your clutch bag and brought out to spice up any outfit. Fashion has never been so affordable.

The I-hate-greeting-people

A handful worth handling

The perfect party outfit takes a while to master but the success to every outfit is often the accessories. The very best accessories are cups –full of tequila– doubling up is absolutely vital. Not only do you save time going to the bar and give off a look the says you’re here to stay but there are many other added benefits. Outings tend to be filled with people you’re not so sure about or don’t want to greet. Bump into someone you haven’t seen in five years? See a guy you’re not sure whether to hug or not? Fear not, you are literally incapable of any normal greeting, including a dorky wave you’ll live to regret every night for the next two years, because your hands are full! Double up on cups, pull off the I-hate-greeting-people and minimise mistakes.

We are all fashion icons.

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