LEGSIT: triggering article 1950 & how it works

As told by The Daily Mail “forget Brexit, who won Legs-it!”. Although we are all aware having a female Prime Minister means focusing on her body and not her brain, the terms of Legsit need to be clearly defined and I have taken it upon myself to do just that.

STEP ONE: sexualise everything

It’s hugely significant to ensure any skin showing, whether rain or shine or even if she wants to – is sexualised. Oh, your ear just peeping out of your hair Mrs May? Forget your thoughts on grammar schools, you minx.

STEP TWO: disregard absolutely anything of real importance – and make it the front page of a newspaper to prove it 

People are dying, living in poverty, the government have tremendous amounts of work to do in relation to leaving the EU and general keeping the country together-stuff. But hold up bitches, GIRLS HAVE LEGS!!! It’s crazy I know but these females are walking, they are walking with legs and we need to talk about them. It seems the poor get screwed over time and time again but in the name of talking about people having body parts? Of course it’s worth it!!!

STEP THREE: remember they are women

This may be the most important point. If a woman is running the country let’s not be focussing on what she has to say. Let’s not even focus on her educational background. Let’s be describing her as wearing a skirt just showing the knee in an A-line jacket just short of some cleavage because that’s what you do to females, you talk about their clothes – DUH.

STEP FOUR: make normal things seem seductive

To successfully trigger article 1950, day-to-day activities have to be sexual. The Daily Mail have provided the perfect example of this:

“It’s a direct attempt at seduction: her stiletto is not quite dangling off her foot, but it could be.” – via Daily Mail online.

Wearing shoes? Bloody hell, you absolute teaser, that’s something’s straight out of Porn Hub.

So there we have it, taking the country right back into the 1950s, one leg at a time.


  1. The year is 2017, but if a woman is at a noticeable position, then people will have more opinions on her fashion sense than her skills. And, if the woman has a good taste in fashion,
    then she’ll be labelled as ‘vain’ or a ‘bimbo’.

    That’s fucking unfair. So fucking wrong.

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