Undercover mothers: the most underrated species

Everyone wants a mum that’ll look at you like an award winning actress, when you got picked to be the sheep with no lines in The Nativity. And even after that everyone needs a little motherly love. But motherhood isn’t just basic human biology, it’s the person who gives you that feeling. Even if you don’t have a child yourself, you may be subconsciously mothering someone else. It’s time that your undercover mothers got a shout-out, they didn’t give birth to you but their never ending support for your stupid mistakes is probably just as painful as pushing you out of their hoo-ha.

So let’s say a Happy Mother’s Day to all your undercover mothers…

Your best friend

The person that’ll have a properly shit night out just to take care of you – because getting bladdered at home is just cheaper and drinks move faster down your throat to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. They may not have taken a bullet for you but they’ll take your vomit, continuous advice requests, your most true and ugly self that farts and snorts from laughing too much and listens to you talk about the same person you dated over and over again – sometimes the bullet seems favourable.

 travel kristen wiig los angeles maya rudolph bridesmaids GIF

Complete random strangers

Sometimes we just get little mothering moments whether that’s a smile from a Barista on a shitty day or a stranger that lets you stroke their dog. And of course the nice old lady that says you ought to be wearing a proper coat as you stand there twirling in a ripped jacket you assumed was #edgy.

 dog friend pet humans console GIF

Someone in school

Education tests more than just your knowledge of frogspawn – very sure this is all I ever learnt in primary school- it can be emotionally challenging at times. There’s usually a particular adult at school that you went to if you had a bad day. The Design Technology teachers tended to be horrifying and it’s a sigh of relief to have a kind teaching assistant who will slyly make your crappy wooden box for you.

 movie matilda GIF

That dedicated social media liker

Maybe it’s self-absorbent and needy but just like a mother would, some of us want to feel appreciated and love that person we can count on to like our Instagram posts whether we are looking like toads or butterflies. Our social-media-mothers, they’re always there, a notification of love.

Yevbel reaction happy facebook like GIF

Someone you work with

It’s surprising how close you can come to someone you share a bit of desk space with.Sometimes you need your work-mum to give you a reassuring look when you fuck-up. They’re probably the only person that gets your irrational annoyance for a particular person and them siding with you makes you feel less like a bad person. And they’re always right there to off load to and send a sneaky text during your shift if you’re a little worried about something. They’re also pretty fabulous if you forgot your lunch.

 2 broke girls kat dennings beth behrs 2bg two broke girls GIF

A sibling

Of course you have the same actual mother. But a sibling gives you just as much reassurance and comfort that a mother would and we all need – even the self-proclaimed #GymLads. A sibling can help you out in the playground when a kid is being a dick to you, talk to you honestly and openly and most importantly cover up your most deadliest of hangovers to the entirety of your family.

 season 3 bart simpson lisa simpson hug episode 24 GIF


It’s quite possible to mother your own self at times, which is character building and makes you stronger as a person. Sometimes we need to look at ourselves in the mirror and say ‘stop being a twat’. The most triumphant and important talks come from me to me in toilet bathrooms when I drank too much.

 kiss unbreakable kimmy schmidt titus andromedon tituss burgess blow kiss GIF

Love can be found in all crooks and creeks of the world. Most expect to find it in the most cliche of forms, almost like the people you are designated to but sometimes it exists where you may not even recognise it and you simply stumble across them.



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