Seven reasons women deserve a national day

Who run the world??!?! (not actually girls yet but we are trying).

The people that have a problem with international women’s day are the same people that would happily tag their mental mate in a ‘kiss a ginger day’ meme and furiously question why ‘kid’s day’ doesn’t exist but mother and father’s Day do.

So to that person, here is why women deserve National Women’s Day:

Being a girl is an insult

Our entire gender has always been used negatively. Stop being a girl!! You run like a girl!! HAH you got beaten by a giiiirlll. Since the moment I could understand words it was apparent that doing things ‘like a girl’ was bad. Even if a girl does something good it must be emphasised that it is only good…for a girl. Wow, you are funny…for a girl. But today is the day that these phrases are dismissed a little bit extra by a girl and they are told to shut the fuck up like a girl and that is great for a girl.

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We’ve come a long way

Historically it can’t be excused how far women have come. It’s really cool we are allowed a job and an opinion now – fun fact: these opinions can be intelligent ones too, not always fuelled by emotions. Many brave and empowering women have led the way to equality and although it is an everlasting fight, progress must always be celebrated. Who knows, maybe the focus of the plumpness of a woman’s lips will become equally as interesting as the words that come out of them.
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Employment isn’t great for us 

It can’t be ignored that there still is a pay gap between men and women, even if it is decreasing. I think being slightly poorer validates a little day for us women and within that little gap of money I think presents on this day ought to be a thing. One day, I dream of a world where women are more commonly given managerial roles and a dominating female boss is a common occurrence and not just a section in porn.

RealityTVGIFs boss ass bitch

We are great at empowering each other

If a woman says anything remotely negative about another woman they are ‘jealous’, this is not an opinion or based on relevant arguments, it is because their boobs are bigger than theirs, of course. But except from the small detail of being human and saying negative things from time to time, women are fabulous at empowering each other. We tell one another that we are beautiful, smart and worth something. Despite good banter, men tell their best friends and their brother that they’re a prick who is phallically-challenged, on a daily basis.

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The English language isn’t on a woman’s side 

The English language is inherently sexist. The world isn’t quite equal yet for a number of reasons but language plays a bigger role than you would think, it is quite literally a MAN-made language. Men can get away with sleeping around and cheating on their partners more often because our vocabulary isn’t sufficient enough to shout anything cool at them from a window. Have a think, what would you shout at a man that had been sleeping around? A-LADDY-GEEZA-LEGEND-OUR-MATE-AND-WHATSAPP-ADMIN. Right? But for a girl you are in paradise, slut, slag, whore, tart, hoe…if you call a man any of these words it’s kind of comical and we even have to put man in front of whore.

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People think low-key foundation is a make-up free face

There is an immense amount of pressure on women to look beautiful..naturally…and effortlessly. We are called tired, rough and hungover when we don’t wear make-up then criticised for being a fake, unnatural and deceptive catfish when we do wear make-up. The worst kind of people are those going all heart eye emoji on a picture of a girl perceived as ‘natural’ but she has powder, concealer, foundation, eyelash extensions and microbladed eyebrows – which is fine but don’t preach about loving the ‘natural’ look if it isn’t. The point is women should be able to look however they want and not be criticised either way. And others shouldn’t be requiring a lobotomy to recognise what’s natural and what is not because it makes us feel bad that you cannot distinguish between the two. The pressure to look good and have a great body is a silent but growing issue amongst men also, so let’s keep an eye on that too.


Our bodies bleed and house humans

It’s basic human biology but women can bleed for three to ten days and it hurts and it’s annoying and it makes us want to punch everyone in the face whilst simultaneously clearing out the fridge and wanting to be hugged by the same person we want to punch in the face. Just as a sign of ‘hey you’re not pregnant btw babe’, it’s just a bit inconvenient and we need all the love we can get. We also need a bit of a shout-out for the some of us that carry around a person in our stomach and then have to get that person out of us, bit crazy really.


Women are cool humans, we’re stronger than we look and that’s worth celebrating. So go tell your mother, sister, auntie, grandmother, cousin and whoever considers themselves to be a woman and give them a little squeeze of appreciation.

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