The likes of Zoella, Joe Sugg, Jenna Marbles, Joe Weller and more have made a bloody fortune. But what are the signs YouTubing is not for you?
bart simpson season 1 episode 8 1x08 jimbo jones

WHAT’S IN MY BAG – a popular video whereby cool young adults show the clean and random items within their bags. But for us non-YouTubers…  
A lot of shit actually. So first up there’s a brush with some hair I probably should have pulled out. We’ve got a bottle of two day old water, lush. An empty packet of sweets – oh wow there’s actually a skittle in here *eats shamelessly at the end of video*. Oh and some receipts and a pen that doesn’t work!! Like, comment, share and subscribe if you think I’m a tramp?

zach galifianakis weird hair small hands

MY HANDSYouTubers love using their hand gestures to show you where links will be, the thumbs up, comment, subscribe etc.  But what about the hands of a non-YouTuber?
If you’re asking people to comment, like and subscribe you’re not going to get away with it without pointing below. But what if you have ugly hands? Freakishly small or freakishly large or just ugly? You’ll only be getting a ‘thumbs up’ for your video out of sympathy for your ugly hands.

yosub  the bachelor cat lady crazy cat lady the bachelor ben higgins

BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND TAGa video where smitten boyfriends/girlfriends of YouTubers are featured usually asking questions to test their relationship. And the relationship tag of a non-YouTuber? 
Um they actually couldn’t make this video but here’s my cat, we’re super duper cute together!!

cat crazy home lady morena baccarin

MY LIFEYouTubers frequently video-log where they take the camera to follow a day in their life. Vlogging a day in the life of a non-YouTuber…
Okay so I’ve just woken up and I look like a toe!! Then I’ll take the camera with me to eat all day, several naps you can tune into – maybe an accidental dribble if it’s an extra exciting day- and you can watch me take horrendously revolting Snapchats to my friends, cool!

GET READY WITH ME – a video where viewers can watch YouTubers get ready for a nightout, usually a focus on the hair and make-up. What’s it like getting ready with a non-Youtuber?
Okay guys you can watch me get ready or as I like to call it ‘have a breakdown and nearly not make it out.’ Let’s start with the makeup. Okay, great I just poked myself in the eye with mascara and my lipstick is smudged, so now my chin looks diseased. This is the tenth outfit I’ve tried on because I looked fat or too much or too little in the last nine. You can find this outfit in my last 20 tagged in photos on Facebook but I have no shame. Ways to stress yourself out further whilst getting ready is in the comments below!!

So yeah, YouTubing isn’t for everyone.



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