The Friend-Crush

This is a feeling that all of us have experienced but we haven’t quite had the words to express it.

If you have ever met someone really cool and you think “we would make AMAZING friends,” let me tell you now that you have experienced the friend-crush.

friend thumbs up simon the inbetweeners football friend

Your friend-crush has this instant welcoming personality and supply great company that you’d just like to make a frequent occurrence. Or if it really is a longing friend-crush you may hardly know them at all and just admire their overall friendly aura and pretend not to laugh when you overhear their jokes – a common mistake for the friend-crusher to make.

dance white people louis theroux displaying

It is possible to have admiration for other humans that isn’t a physical or sexual attraction but you just simply appreciate them as a person. For instance, Louis Theroux is my biggest friend-crush to date, so quirky, cool and caring. We would have a cracking chat down the pub about life and I’m sure I could convince him to have a little dance and we could possibly have a little cry over the sad souls in his documentaries (Joe from ‘Drinking to Oblivion’, please tell me you’re okay?)

If you’ve got a friend-crush it is likely you’ve stumbled or even fallen head first, depending on the extent of the crush, into their social media. You scroll and you think, they’re pretty funny, I admire their wit and overall brilliance, we ought to get drunk some time – or maybe watch a Louis Theroux documentary whilst laying down balancing bags of Haribos on our stomachs, that is if you want to transfer the friend-crush towards immediate best-friends.

Or maybe you did meet them out whilst you were drunk, you danced together, laughed together and had the all-important toilet chat – I understand this isn’t a common occurrence for boys, the urinal situation isn’t exactly ideal. You probably curbed your friend-crush for a mutual decision to add each other on Facebook then and there whilst saying you’d meet again for a drink but never have. You’re likely to look through your friends list thinking ‘who on earth is that?’ – then you’ll remember and smirk– but hey an extra like on your profile picture from time to time is good enough.

We can call this social media stalking or maybe horrific observation but I much prefer the friend-crush term.

Is it possible to chat someone up to be your mate?  Tinder, move aside, I have a friend-crush that needs taking care of.

football friend james blake joe

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