Confessions of a Napaholic

I’d like to say this is an article entitling my mental ‘lads lads lads’ addiction towards Aiya Napa – I shall retire my thin strapped tank top for now (no discrimination to tank-top-lads intended, only a bit). But instead this is an article dedicated to those who like to engage in sleeping throughout the day, the art form that is napping.

There’s something beautiful about a quick sleep and an up-most sophistication of waking up in between different episodes of Come Dine With Me, it fast forwards all the crap and you just get to meet the people and see who wins at the end, thank-you nap.

Pugatory season 1 episode 1 tired sleeping

Napping is a wonderful activity which is recommended for all ages, napping does not discriminate and it can pleasure all. If you consider yourself to be a ‘professional napper’, I assure you this is a thing, then you can confess to all of the following:

  1. You can really nap anywhere, your room, the car, at your desk, on the pavement (don’t do that), anywhere relatively sleep-worthy, you’ll be there.

shakira whenever wherever shakira fyag

2. You can nap at any time. Everyone will be getting ready before a night-out whilst you’re squeezing in a nap. No time is an inconvenient time for a nap. Whenever Wherever by Shakira is actually about her napping habits, apparently. Hips like hers don’t move as well without a nap – watch the music video and that’s how we all feel after a greatly needed nap.

3. Legitimately the only time that you look like you’re playing it cool is when you’re having a nap. You’re a fast replier and you hold no shame. You look so laid back and the other person is left wondering why you haven’t replied for two hours, maybe thinking you’re up to something wild but nope, messy hair and nap-attire outfit

4. Marks on your face. The post nap-chic of having lines on your arms and face from sleeping is awaiting the catwalk. I’m genuinely surprised there aren’t Youtube videos on how to create the perfect nap lines but I do know that mine are top-notch if there were to be a competition.

hate sleep sleeping wake up rude

5. If you think you only get moody due to a lack of sleep when you’re younger, you are sorely mistaken. It is only post-nap you realise that the attitude was down to nap-deprivation.

6. The best things in life do not come without a little confusion (still talking about napping). You wake-up wondering who you are, where you are, what time is it, did you miss dinner? Or you wake up in your clothes at 2am realising you over did it like a true champ.

zombie join us

If you can relate to all these things then I hope you are now aware it is something you can be proud of, there’s quite the elite club.


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