Ride Along 2 – The Exact Same Ride

So, have they done it again?

Ride Along was full of laughs perfectly executed by the latest comedy duo, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart but whether they’ve achieved the same effect in Ride Along 2 is another conversation.

Ride Along 2 takes the policing pair off to Miami on detective business. Of course, James – played by Ice Cube– is unwilling to take Ben -played by Kevin Hart– to Miami to bring down the Drug dealers of Atlanta.

How refreshing, James doesn’t want to take Ben away with him but does anyway to prove the police force and his sister wrong…be sure to see the exact same thing in Ride Along if that’s what you’re into!

In all honesty, Kevin Hart’s outfits were about the best thing in the movie.

Traipsing down the stairs in a kimono flapping his arms around a N.W.A star really is worth the cinema ticket price in all seriousness.

Kevin Hart is also seen dressed as an African dignitary whilst slapping his inefficient ‘bodyguard’, Ice Cube. Brilliant.

Who doesn’t want to see the shortest man in comedy slap a rapper whose head is probably about the same as his entire B.M.I?

Hart also looks like a visionary God in all white, funny, but still the same kind of visual humour we saw by Eddie Murphy in ‘Holy Man’, 18 years ago.

The only real change is in location, from Atlanta to Miami and the gaming reference from Call of Duty to Grand Theft Auto, which works to home in their 12A+ male audience.

But, the gaming inclusion may also make them wish they were playing these games, instead of watching this movie.

Director, Tim Story, has provided enough close-up bum shots to keep you wide awake but not quite enough jokes to keep you laughing.

To answer my original question, ‘have they done it again?’ Well, unless it was a comedy catwalk, then no, they haven’t.


Featured image found via Universal Pictures

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