Vomit, Lights and Disclosure Brilliance

“This is why we love you London”, Disclosure shout at the end of their sold out gig in the capital.

But did London love Disclosure back?

Opening with ‘White Noise’, which spent ten weeks at the top 20 UK Official Charts back in 2013, their silhouettes lit up Alexandra Palace with strobe lighting as they simultaneously set the crowd alive.

The lighting could have been a stand-alone show with graphics of dancing, fire and patterned excellence.

The atmosphere on December 3rd was electric.

Their 2015 UK tour covered Glasgow, Manchester and three nights at Alexandra Palace to perform their new album, ‘Caracal’.

Although the venue was beautiful, Ally Pally’s high ceilings were just a nice aesthetic and did the sound absolutely no favours.

“I don’t even have to shout to talk in here”, a disappointed gig-goer exclaimed.

At a gig, you don’t really want to hear yourself think, let alone talk. It’s all about hearing the music to its full capacity with other like-minded fans.

Disclosure narrowly escaped this pitfall with their excellent performance of Omen, Holding On and their insane floor-filler When a Fire Starts to Burn.

Just as I thought a pitfall had been escaped, another emerged.

I was pushed aside by a girl screaming: “sorry, sorry, sorry” as her friend proceeded to vomit across the floor.

The event was set to 10+ and it’s safe to say that the underage drinkers were out in full, downing their ready made alcoholic drinks, ready to throw up inside to commemorate Disclosure.

The smell was something else but as the special guest, Eliza Doolittle, surfaced onto the stage with all her quirky and curly-haired glory, the eyes and the ears were the only senses worth paying attention to.

The duo boasted other guests, who weren’t quite as high profile but were brilliant. Eats Everything offered a techno treat to warm up the crowd and special guests Lion Babe and Brendan Reilly dazzled the audience with eye opening vocals and an incredible energy.

There was a blatant appreciation for Disclosure, as the occupants of Ally Pally Did not let the pair walk off stage in silence.

“One more song, one more song, one more song”, the crowd roared.

The Lawrence brothers returned teasing with not only the aluminous purple lights but also their sensational love song Latch.

“How does that sound?” Guy and Howard Lawrence smirked as the crowd screamed and sang every lyric.

So, yes, this love was not unrequited, London loves you too, Disclosure.

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